Hardest part about playing golf is getting into it. There are so much rules and tips you need to know, it’s just too confusing. Some players have hard time memorizing everything, so I decided to help and make their life a little bit easier. I want to talk about the most important part of golf gear – clubs. Choosing the right set of golf clubs doesn’t seem so hard, yet it is. There is such wide variety of different golf clubs on market, which makes it only harder. Novice golfers don’t know how much they should expect to pay for high quality product. If they go too cheap, golf club quality is pretty low, but overpaying is not any better. Everyone wants to find best beginners golf clubs for the money, but they are usually too lazy to do proper research. That’s why I want to make this article really short to encourage everyone to read.golfing

Now, most popular beginners’ golf club set is sold by Strata. Prices vary depending on how many golf clubs you get – more clubs, higher the price. Customers usually have nothing but good to say about these sets. I mean, what could they be upset about? You pay only fraction of price for full package, that would cost you twice as much if you bought everything separately. But nothing is flawless, including these club sets. Some reviews report that the quality of both – bag and clubs is pretty low, and they don’t last very long. But I have to disagree, I had Callaway’s 12 piece set for few years now, and even though it doesn’t look exactly like new, it’s in perfectly working condition. It may have signs of wear, but I don’t take good care of it, and the fact that it’s still working only speaks of its high quality.

Now about the bags – they are good, but obviously not the best. I didn’t expect to get anything else for the price I was paying. A lot of people bashing on these bags seem to forget the price. High end golf bags cost twice as much this whole set, so it’s pretty unfair to compare those. It does it’s job – that’s what’s important. Usually, most golf club set bags are unable to stand, but I’ve heard there are some sets that come with stand bags as well. Overall, I was very satisfied with Callaway’s golf club set. As a beginner, you’ll get everything you need to get out there and hit the ball. At first, these clubs are all you need to master the sport. In case you don’t like it anymore, you can always throw these away and upgrade. These are cheap enough for me to not worry about not using them or even throwing them away.

Amazon is pretty good place to buy these and other golf accessories. Prices are reasonable and customer service couldn’t get any better. Callaway has their own website as well, CallawayPreowned, which is also an option.

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